Frequently Asked Questions



Q. How soon after I place an order will  my system ship?

A.Usually within 8 to 11 business days.

Q. What are your shipping methods?

A. Monarch ships each order Federal Express Saver. This a two (2) to three (3) day service equal to UPS ground in price yet offers quicker delivery time.

Q. Does Monarch ship to International destinations?

A. Please email with a copy of what you would like to order and we will see if Monarch can help! (We do not ship to all countries.) We can only accept wire transfer as payment for international orders.

Q. Can I customize my new system?

A. Yes!  Go to the link below to start. Customized Quotes

Q.What type of warranty comes with Monarch Computer Systems?

A. We offer one (1), two (2) and three (3) year warranties. All warranties  include free unlimited toll-free tech support with A+ Certified Technicians. The warranty covers parts and labor, shipping and freight charges (one-way). Each system lists length of warranty coverage. Custom systems are available with a 3 year warranty for only $39.00

Q.   How much is shipping?

A.  Shipping is figured once you have entered your bill to and ship to address.  Since shipping is based on region, this cannot be figured until the address is known. Click here for a list of  estimated shipping charges. 

Additional Questions

Since you may have additional questions  before you purchase a Monarch Computer Systems, our Sales Team is always available to quickly answer all your questions about  your system. Response time is usually within 24 hours excluding weekends and holidays.


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