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AMD64 Technology
  • Seamless, simultaneous 32- and 64-bit computing
  • Doubles the number of processor registers and significantly increases addressable memory space
  • Leading-edge performance for today's software
  • Compelling way to take advantage of emerging 64-bit apps for new computing experiences and capabilities
  • Cinema-quality games, real-time results for digital media
HyperTransportTM Technology
  • 1600 MHz system bus; up to 12.8 GB/sec total processor-to-system bandwidth
  • Designed to reduce bottlenecks, increase bandwidth, and reduce latency
  • Higher overall system performance
  • Better multi-tasking
  • Quicker application loading
  • Enhanced multimedia
128-bit Integrated DDR Memory Controller
  • Directly connects processor to memory
  • Supports PC 3200, PC2700, PC2100, or PC1600
  • Up to 6.4 GB/sec memory bandwidth
  • Lower memory latency—one of the most common bottlenecks
  • Significant performance boost, especially for digital media and 3D games
  • Smoother-running systems, with ECC protection for higher reliability
High-Performance, On-Die Cache
  • World's largest high-performance, on-die cache memory system for desktop PCs
  • L1: 128 KB, L2: 1024 KB, total effective cache 1152 KB
  • Greatly enhanced performance, especially on large memory workloads like digital media and intense 3D games
3D and Multimedia Instructions
  • 3DNow!TM Professional technology
  • AMD innovation for enhanced 3D and multimedia
  • Incorporating SSE2 instructions
  • Compatible with the largest installed base of multimedia-enhanced software
  • Realistic images, precise digital audio and an enriched Web experience
0.13u Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) Process Technology Delivers higher clock speeds and lower thermal power
Thermal Protection Shuts down processor in thermal runaway condition without motherboard intervention