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Here at Monarch Computer Systems, our customers needs come first. We take pride in our superior customer service and our award-winning technical support. It's nice to know our efforts do not go unnoticed. We appreciate all of your comments and we look forward to serving you again soon.

For years, the Drill Doctor Drill Bit Sharpener has been known as the obvious choice for discriminating tradesmen and professionals who seek only the very best in efficient, quality tools to get the job done. Likewise, our Darex line of Industrial tool sharpeners are in use around the globe for our customers that demand consistently accurate, cost-efficient and reliable sharpening operations.

As such, our Research and Development team spends thousands of hours each year refining our products to exceed our customers’ needs. This requires our engineers to model complex multi-part assemblies with very tight tolerances. This innovation demands serious technical horsepower, and our Monarch workstations, powered by ATI FireGL 5100 graphics, really deliver for us. Before switching to our new FireGL-based workstations, our R&D Engineers were plagued with poor performance and unreliable operation – both of which cost money. Since deploying our ATI-powered Monarch workstations, our engineers are happy, and when they are happy, I am delivering the right solutions to my customers.

Julian Cordle
Information Systems Administrator
Professional Tool Manufacturing, LLC


Because of your exceptional after sale service, I have already filled out the reseller evaluation. I rated Monarch excellent in every category.

I purchased an AMD64 FX-53 from you that was defective. Your service people promptly issued an RMA. There was no dancing around or back-pedaling. I will never buy anything (computer) from any other retailer.

You are the very best.


Michael B.

I ordered my computer with you guys about a month ago, and it’s been trouble free until tonight. I had a small problem, so I called and spoke with one of your tech support people, Benjamin. He was very helpful and friendly, and answered all my questions. A++++ for service. You guys rock, and that’s why I’ve recommended you to my mother for her next computer.

Stuart W.

would like to say that I am very satisfied with my online purchase with After a rather crappy experience with I dropped my order with them and came to you. I am happy to say that there were no problems with my purchase with you all. Thank you for your service.

Kevin Kupcho - Acoustic Innovations, LLC.

The overall reaction from the gamers present was that Monarch is a great company. Incidentally, many of us in the Hive have been amazed at the products and prices you have, and one of us has already built an AMD 3500 based system with SLI from one of your barebones... The result has been a shift of our normal praise of parts sites like to yours. Monarch is incredible.

Todd -

At Orbitz we have the option to use just about any system manufacturer for our developer workstations, but we chose Monarch computer because they are able to produce a system that meets our exacting specifications, they stand behind their work and most importantly they do it at a very competitive price.

Director IT Services,

I thought I would take a minute and write in to tell Monarch to keep up the good work. I have not used your company before but needed to order some equipment for my company, ordering was easy enough but what really made Monarch stand out and has influenced my decision to buy again and also recommend purchasing through Monarch to the company is Michelle's help with my order.

Having someone I could speak with live in person, who was both helpful and patient made all the difference and allowed me to feel comfortable with spending my hard earned money with a company I was not familiar with.

Keep up the good work guys.


I recently purchased and motherboard combo from Monarch Computer. Shortly after installation of the combo it began to have problems. I tried everything possible that I could to resolve the issues on my own with no success. I called your customer service and got an RMA number and shipped it back.

I am a Senior Lead IT Engineer for a fortune 500 company. My duties include the installation, configuration, and maintenance of servers and network infrastructure for some of the largest companies in the world.

With this scale of computing infrastructure my team has spent its share of time, myself included dealing with vendors on support issues.

I would like you to know the excellent support I received from Mr. Greg Mann and Mr. Steven Herndon who handled my RMA. They were professional, timely, and knowledgeable. They communicated very efficiently and clearly via email. I was very impressed with their ability to "think out side the box." I have delt with the biggest IT vendors in the industry and I will have to say the customer support that I got from Greg and Steven is second to none.

Jason Beck

Through Monarch I upgraded my motherboard, CPU, ram, and video card. Will, the salesman, did a magnificent job of answering my questions and helping me setup the best upgrade I could get. The FX-53 939 system and 6800GT combo Will suggested works great. Will personally went out of his way to answer any of my questions and to make sure I was happy. He pushed the sale through faster then normal even though he said he could not guarantee anything. I would highly recommend purchasing from them, their salesmen are highly competent. Best online shopping experience I have ever had, hands down! I will unquestionably order from Monarch again in the near future.

Shipping was extraordinarily fast, package actually showed up around three days earlier than planned! All components worked great on first boot and you’ve got to love the free DVD version of Far Cry!

Tech Support

The tech support guy that came out and fixed our systems was great! After 5 years with commodity LINUX I forgot how nice it was to have someone come out and fix our problems on site. My problem seemed to be rough handling during shipping. I cannot say enough about how good your service was. In fact, I was in the market for a new SATA data server and was holding off until I got the new systems working. Given your high quality service I should be placing that order this week.

We also have a wide network of folks that do the same kind of computer modeling of atmospheric pollution. I get asked often where I buy my computers and I will now feel comfortable mentioning Monarch when they ask.

Thanks again.

Happy Customer

I work for a small medical device R&D and manufacturing company, which has about a dozen users. We've just ordered our 5th system from Monarch, a SCSI RAID server that will host an important company database. Needless to say we've been fully satisfied with the four previous systems, otherwise we'd have looked elsewhere for such a critical system.

Things to like about Monarch

A wide selection of carefully thought out, customizable, systems--desktops, workstations and servers--well suited for professional use.

Very competitive pricing.

Competent, responsive and friendly staff.

Excellent system build quality. The hardware is cleanly assembled, and the operating system and other software is fully patched and ready to go.

Linux friendly (though I'd like to see them add Debian to their list of alternatives).

I'm very happy with Monarch and expect to continue to do business with them for a long time to come.

Valued Customer

Hi Monarch Computers,

My barebones computer arrived last week. It came in "EXACTLY" as I ordered. It is now partially running as it will take some time to complete my software installations. I wish to thank everyone involved for an OUTSTANDING job. Please thank the assembly & test technician(s) for me.

I'm giving a personalized 5 STAR rating for the following catagories:
  • Great Website
  • Great Prices
  • Great Purchase Flexibility ( I built the computer I wanted online )
  • Great Communication & Feedback
  • Great Assembly & Testing ( this is a HIGH spot with me )
  • Great Packing & Shipping
Roger Keller

I would like to comment on your great service and system that I received today the 19th of December. First of all I had been wanting a gaming machine for a little over a year now. I was choosing between alienware and Monarch Computer. After extensive amounts of research on reviews I came to the conclusion that Monarch was just as good as Alienware at build quality if not better, and I could customize my system with better parts from Monarch.

Your whole team was the fastest responding company I have seen to e-mails and phone calls, not to mention very informative and knowledgeable. I was able to get responses to my e-mail questions within one day.

After I placed my order and straightened out my credit card information the system sent off quickly to the warehouse and was developed very rapidly. It took a little less than Eight days to be made and shipped during probably the busiest season of the year, and I did not select hot rush...just standard. Monarch truly has been working overtime so their customers can get their systems on time for the holiday season. This company truly cares about their customers and works hard to please all of them.

Now I would like to mention what great build quality my custom Athlon 64-FX system was in when I received it today the 19th. All the cables were very neatly tied and positioned for better airflow within the chassis. This is the first time in person that I have seen a neatly done case, because most computer cases look like a spider-web of wires inside it laying on critcal components and blocking air flow. The inside of the case looked as if were built by an obsessive compulsive disordered computer technician....Very clean and secure inside. The packaging was better than expected. Everything was packed in individual packages within the one big package with packing foam surrounding everything. This is very good at preventing possible shipping damages. The machine itself ran extremely fast and smoothly and I never encountered one problem what so ever in my experience so far. All the latest drivers were installed and even the extra Norton antivirus 2004 software i odered with it was installed and it says extra software will not be installed. Oh well, better for me! I can't wait to test out some more of my games and software on this rig, because it runs and loads everything like a beast. I virus scanned my 138 GB raid 0 Raptors harddrive array in around 3 minutes or less. My old 1.5ghz p4 scanned everything in 18 min 30 sec's...Took forever. Windows boots up very fast too. Everything loads instantly or within a few seconds, including highly demanding graphic games. I couldn't have dreamed of a better put together top custom gaming system. Much thanks to all of the Monarch staff that supported my questions through out the entire process, and to the technicians who built it.

I look foward to buying all my future upgrades and systems from you guys for many years to come. I am a hooked loyal customer now.

-Robert Sanford

Very good company. I live near them in Atlanta and didnt even know it. I called them to see if they had a pentium 2.4c 800fsb. They had like 30 in stock. I couldn't find this no where else. Everyone else was on back order. what made it even better was that i could just drive there and pick it up. When I got there I was treated very well. Very nice people I must say. We talked about Movies that came out this week,computers, ect.ect.. I will be doing a lot more shopping there from now on. When I walked in Monarch, The place was like a Toys R Us for computer parts. All that stuff at the tip of your Fingers. Very good customer service. and my sales person was 0214

I wanted to write and thank you and the team at Monarch for your help. We received the machines promptly on Monday and they are all setup as of last night. All parts were accounted for and all systems are functioning (I may have found a bad network port but need to re-check it).

In general, I have been pleased with the systems. I was very pleased with the Windows XP image. I just purchased a Dell for a different client and it arrived last Friday. The Dell came and required dozens of Windows XP patches (the image was probably six months old or more). The Monarch systems arrived this week. The image was probably no more than two to three weeks old (maybe even more current). This difference drastically cut my setup times. The Dell system took over two hours to setup -- including patch downloads and reboots. The Monarch systems were setup in less than 30 minutes from box to working system. Thank you.

I am always cautious with a new vendor (been burned too many times), but I will look to Monarch again when clients look for recommendations. Please keep up the good work.

I have also appreciated Ray's patience during the PO process.

Shannon Brown

To whom it may concern,

As someone who who used to order from many PC vendors, Monarch is the ONLY company I buy PC's and components from now. There is only a handful of vendors that allow you to build a PC from the ground up customizing every component involved, and Monarch does it the best. The website is incredibly easy to use and the service has been excellent. As a large imaging company, computers are the lifeline of our company and we rely on them heavily to do about 95% of our operations. Robust and reliable PC's from Monarch have given us the ability to increase our production while saving money as well. AMD has given us the best bang for the buck by far and we will continue to have Monarch build our AMD based machines for some time. I have only had to call technical support once, but whoever I spoke with knew the hardware unlike most companies you'll find.

John Schwenk
Technical Specialist
Inter-State Studio Inc.
Sedalia, MO

I have ordered from Gateway, Tiger, and Dell and this was the best computer of the bunch. I was very impressed by the way the thing was built-- nice and clean and anchored down inside. the software was all loaded properly and worked perfectly. After a couple major headaches from past computers and I mean major-- I want to thank you for doing this right.

Douglas Waltenbaugh


Recently I ordered a Geforce4 Ti4600 and a Pioneer DVR-A04 drive, which in total came to over $700. This was to complement a many other parts that were top of the line. Unfortunately, I was unaware of a problem with Window98 that prevented me from installing the video card. At a complete loss, (after a week and just before I through my computer into the Hudson River), I called your business and was able to speak to a technical service representative. Although my problem was related to something other then the product I purchased, your representative identified that I was using more memory than is supported by Windows98. He not only identified the problem, but solved it very quickly. My entire experience with your company has been the best to date and I hope you never mechanize your support services. In turn, I work for Experian Database Solutions in Albany, NY and will recommend your company to all that I know.

I was just at your store. I decided to go with the Gigabyte 333 motherboard. In the past year I've spent about $2000 at your place of business. I would like to take a minute to let you know, the service supperceeds any others I've done business with. The help is excellent, the service I get at the front desk is great, one of a kind. I wish that all businesses conducted themselves in the manner yours does. I live on a limited budget as I'm a disabled person with a heart problem. Never-the-less, I must keep up with my computer as there isn't much else I can do. I would expect to visit your store again in the near future, as I want one of those new 12 inch lights that go in the case.

Thank you once again.

Richard Burrell

I am pleased with the machine I just purchased. You had competitive prices, a good site, and an intelligent and friendly staff. Conversations with your staff were symbiotic too, as you ended up carrying some products that I had spent months researching, that Monarch hadn't carried prior to my order.

Big, big thanks to Jason, Chuck and Sterling; their candor and knowledge were key in my purchase and future purchases. I have many other machines waiting for budget approval that I hope we may do business on and I will definitely recommend you to friends and colleagues.

Your pal,

McDonald's Corporation

I am writing this brief note to let your company know how well I enjoyed the personalism and professionalism of Trey. He was a true wealth of wisdom and everything was explained so thoroughly at (the Educational Technology Workshop at the World Congress Center).

Hats off and Kudos For Trey,
Willie Scott
Sylvan Hills Middle School
Atlanta, GA

I first ordered an Athlon 500 system from you in July of 1999. Since then I've ordered systems for many others, and have referred even more. Everyone has been very pleased with your service and quality and you've made me look good in the process (that's the most important part, right?). You and Monarch are truly one of the best. I'm looking to upgrade my system in the near future, so you can count on more business!

Thank you, Jon Vandergrift

Monarch computers rock. 3 orders and I got all 3 within a day or two of the order, even when I specified ground shipment of 7-8 days. I had gotten some parts at a local expomart computer show up here in Pittsburgh... problem was either the parts were bad or I had burnt out the chips too quickly. I was able to get all the parts replaced quickly thanks to monarch.
~Todd Rafferty

Thank you! I have been building computers and ordering parts for about 5 years and have never had better service than with you guys. I ordered a part, was charged what I was told, and I payed for 5-7 day shipping....AND got it the very next day. You guys have awesome service, and I thought someone should let you know.

...thanks so much Bryan

I just wanted to add my testimonial to your bank already posted on your website. I am a computer enthusiast, who just built my first computer from the ground up. I searched the internet for months, reviewing hardware sites and parts companies. Monarch was by far the most supportive, and offered the best selection at very comparative prices. I ordered a AMD 1.33 GHz processor, which you (Monarch) mounted on an ASUS A7M board along with some DDR RAM. I purchased my case elsewhere for other reasons. Needless to say, my product was delivered in less than a week by FedEx ( thank God not UPS). I was able to install my motherboard myself and set up the rest of my system without even a single hitch. I am so happy with my new system. I thank Monarch for allowing people even with no experience to build their own systems.

Thank you. Best Regards, Andrew Salama, D.D.S.

RK Enterprises
RK Enterprises is a small business in Montgomery, Alabama that designs and builds custom personal computers for individuals, businesses and government entities. We were Monarch's first customer, and have averaged some $30,000 in purchases a year since their opening in September, 1992. We continue to use Monarch as our primary vendor for non-priority computers and computer components because they are flexible, responsive and enthusiastic as competent, professional and honest in their business dealings. Their components are consistent in high quality, their assembled machines are solid and reliable. In both stand alone and networked systems we have had minimal problems with Monarch built machines, and, whenever there has been a problem, Monarch has been quick to respond with correct repair or replacement. In addition to hundreds of personal computers for individuals and businesses, we have used Monarch supplied products for school computer labs in five public schools and in two colleges. We have built servers and workstations for the USAF from Monarch supplied components. In my opinion, Monarch is the best regional wholesaler of computer components in the Southeast.

Yours truly, G.R. Murchison CDR USN (Ret) Partner

Centennial High School
Dear Sir or Madam, I am just writing to compliment your company on the great computer system that was constructed for our Electronic Media Production Department. The computer is currently being used in our TV studio for our Lightwave 3D program. This program is the same program that was used for the movie "Titanic" and for the TV programs, "Babylon 5" and "Hercules". I doubt that we will be putting the computer through the rigors of a major motion picture, but I am glad that if we needed to, it could handle it. Thank you once again for your exceptional system.

Sincerely, Jamie Chuven Instructor

SwedAm, Inc.
Trey, Thank you very much for introducing us to the Athlon-based Monarch Computer machines. Our first Athlon 600 computer was a major surprise. Our company, SwedAm, Inc., is specialized in providing solutions in two market segments: low-cost, high power database-driven Internet Servers, and Hard-Real-Time industrial process control systems. We are constantly trying to shave microseconds off the response time, and to offer the maximum possible throughput at a reasonable price. The AMD Athlon CPU provides us with a performance far beyond what the already impressive clock rate implies. Several of our applications show at least 24% better response time than the Pentium III 550 we have used until now. Note that the clock rate alone would provide only about 10% better result. Equally surprising was the fact that our highly optimized operating systems and applications did not require any tweaking to achieve this result. Since most of our systems reside in 19" racks, often in industrial environments, we are forced to test our hardware at elevated ambient temperature of 50 °C (122 °F). The Athlon equipped with a standard fan went through this fire test without a slightest glitch. Given these results and the highly reasonable prices, we intend to use Athlon based hardware in all our upcoming installations. I also recommend anybody in the market for a high-powered machine to visit and explore the Athlon-based offerings.

Sincerely, Tomas Jablonski, President SwedAm, Inc.

Computer Outlet of Atlanta
To whom it may concern, It has been our pleasure for the past 6 years to do business with Monarch. In that time we averaged purchases of $100,000 per year with few problems, either technical or logistic. In the rare instance a system was returned with an issue (their technical support department often resolved the problem over the phone), it was resolved within a day or two (not including shipping time). It was never really a problem getting a technical support representative on the phone, but in the rare cases we had to leave a voice mail a technician called back the same day.

Sincerely, Ray Nayland Proprietor

University of Missouri
My new Athlon computer just went into service for my Ph.D dissertation project in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Missouri. Compared to the University's 450 MHz Pentium II computers, the Athlon 500 is leaps ahead for the type of scientific computing my research requires. Despite fitting into a student-sized budget, this system is outperforming everything short of our UNIX-based workstations. Some of our computer engineering professors are watching very closely. Some careful study went into selecting the Athlon. My work uses Visual C++ and MATLAB, which is a scientific and mathematical modeling program offered by the Mathworks, Inc. MATLAB's performance depends most of all on how fast the CPU can process floating point numbers. An in-depth look at the Athlon's architecture convinced me that clock for clock the Athlon should outperform a Pentium II or Pentium III by nearly 50%. What I've seen so far has confirmed my expectations. The benchmarks tests are just getting underway, but speed of the system is immediately visible. AMD should be watching their scientific customers on this. Athlon may the last word in scientific computing until AMD and Intel both come out with their 64 bit machines. Monarch Computer Systems has shown commendable foresight in establishing their position as a supplier for this kind of advanced technology, then backing it up with first-rate customer service and technical support. Well done!

Stilley Chiropractic
Dear Trey, You were right! My Monarch AMD Athlon 550 MHz SCREAMS! Everything about your company has been positive. Tech Support has been great helping me answer all my questions. The price for the machine is fantastic. Thanks a lot for answering all my many questions; you guys are the greatest!

Sincerely, James A. Stilley, D.C.

Quantum Graphics
I just wanted to write to commend you on such an outstanding product. We recently purchased two 700MHz AMD Athlon processors and motherboards from Monarch Computers to replace some of the slower Pentium III machines that we have. Now I've done my share of upgrading machines but the Athlon upgrade was, by far the easiest I have ever seen. We changed the motherboards and installed the Athlons then replaced the old hard drives, memory and all other components. I was expecting to have problems with the new systems, just as I always had when doing Pentium upgrades in the past. The first surprise was that the machines booted cleanly to DOS without incident. No interrupt conflicts, all devices initializing correctly, ect. I was further surprised when the custom software that we write initialized and ran without a hitch. This is no small feat in that our package utilizes three Number 9 high resolution video cards in the same box (along with a standard SVGA card). The biggest surprise of all came when Microsoft Windows ran without change when the Athlons were installed. This stunned me. The most picky operating system in the world doesn't seem to realize that the underlying circuitry is different. Wow! I think AMD's new motto should be: "More x86 compatible that Intel" These systems worked so well, I ordered 3 more the next day!

Thanks, Jay Clary. Quantum Graphics, Inc.

I wanted to let you know that I received the PC on Friday, and everything was intact. It came a day earlier than I expected, which was great since I got it put together and used it this weekend. Please tell your tech guys that everything went well with it too. I have read on many web pages some horror stories about trying to build new Athlon systems, in regards to RAM, power supplies, BIOS / Driver problems, and other incompatibilities. But the 300W supply in the Enlight case must be compatible, which they probably already knew. I had Windows completely loaded within 2 hours of opening the FedEx box, and spent almost all day Sunday playing Unreal Tournament at the 1024x768 / high detail settings, and it never once gave any problem. Thanks again, you guys are definitely on my list of places to buy from again.

Greg Sallee

We spoke approximately a month ago when I was ordering a 650 Athlon, a motherboard, case, etc. To sum it up: I am ecstatic, not only with the almost unbelievable performance of the hardware, but the excellent customer service (not to mention reasonable prices) I received. All my co-workers here are also impressed and are saving their nickels and dimes and Monarch is on the top of their list when they're ready to upgrade.

Regards, Chris Nickl

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the exceptional service I received from your company at the hands of Mr. Jason Valdes. I am certainly no computer expert. The computer my wife and I recently purchased from Monarch is a major investment for our budget. I informed Jason that we were interested in getting a system that would last for years to come. While this may be a naive perception, given the incredibly fast changes going on in computer technology, Jason took the time to listen. He asked what we intended to use the computer for now and in the future. His suggestions were just that, suggestions, without pressure tactics. He was able to convey the usefulness of the various computer components we would need in understanding language. Our search for a computer had us contacting at least a half dozen different companies that AMD recommended for use of their computer chip. These all seemed to be good companies having been in business for years. However, some sales individuals are quick to give the answer they believe the client wants to hear. Jason seemed to give the straightforward response. And if Jason didn't have the answer, he honestly said so, stating the he would get the answer for me and call back or e-mail. He was always responsive.

Most gratefully, Michael G. Morton, Ph.D.

I wanted to take a moment to write back and say thank you very much. I have already had several friends & co-workers ask me how well I like my new computer. I have no complaints and can only say good things about the system, the whole experience of how professional your whole your company is, and how quickly I got my system from order to delivery. I would be happy to recommend your company to everyone I know.

Thanks again. God Bless. Tom Heintz

OK...let me just say one thing. It kicks just plain kicks @ss. You guys have everything the other two vendors that I deal with do NOT. Compaq and Axis could learn a great deal from Monarch. Customer service, order delivery ON TIME (actually ahead of quoted time) and a system that WORKS. I've got this thing loaded with EVERY slot filled and it works absolutely perfectly. Thanks again and if you ever want a reference, I'm IT!

Adios! Mike Shaw

I purchased a system about one month ago and have many enjoyable hours already with it..About one week ago my wife opened a e-mail and infected our system with a virus called "love bug". Well things started getting worse as I tried to get free of it, and nothing seemed to be working. I called your tech support and talked with Chuck, he was very informative and helpful. After reformatting the hard drive and reloading the software all seems to be running great again. This didn't take as long either, with all the help I received from Chuck. I realize the problem was not your fault at all, and I'm writing this letter to let you know that you have a very satisfied customer and when a upgrade for computers is in my plans, your place is where I'm going...Once again I thank you (Chuck) and Monarch for all the help and knowledge.

Thank you, William Ferguson

I just received the system that I ordered Monday. Your service is incredible. I ordered on Monday, and received it Thursday! Your prices were the best around. You shipped a system using 2 day FedEx for less than most companies ship UPS ground on smaller packages. I am very impressed with your company. I will be recommending you to others in the future. I will definitely be ordering from you again. Keep up the good work!

Bill Armelin, Manchester, NH

My name is Rick Caldwell and I want to thank you for your fantastic service! We received our Monarch CPU as a insurance replacement. Our CPU was custom built for us by Monarch and is the best home PC I've owned! kidding!! Monday our CD-ROM failed, we dropped it off on Tuesday afternoon, received it back on Wednesday!!...Thanks for such a great product and service to boot! I called Mr. Harris and left him a message, also thanking him for such a great company. I hope you really make it big in the PC world.

Regards, RC

To whom it may concern: My name is David Rush I bought a 650 amd system with a 19 inch monitor from Monarch in March of this year wasn't sure about buying a computer system over the Internet but I had found Monarch was recommended by AMD to install their systems. I was going to build the system my self but I could not beat the price that was quoted to me. Well in the beginning of May I had my computer for about 2 months and when I went to check my e-mail one morning I got an error that read Em386.exe error stopped application and computer froze. I tried rebooting same message. I called monarch and talked to Chuck in tech support and he said was probably a bad memory module. I then talked to monarchs RMA department and they gave a number to return the computer. I sent it to them on Friday May 5th and had it back on Friday May 12th. During that time I was talking to Sterling and Chuck everyday and I know I was being a pain but they were both very helpful in explaining the what was going on and when I would get my computer back. The total turn around was 7 days which is what it would have taken if I would have had a local repair shop look at it. The main bonus however is that with Monarch my warranty covered the whole repair and shipping back to me. I highly recommend Monarch Computers for anyone looking for a new computer and also to have the support to back up computers after the sale.

David Rush Salina, Kansas

Last week I received my new Athlon 800 PC from Monarch Computer Systems. This PC was built using their custom configurator. When the computer arrived, the first thing that I did was remove the outer case. I always check PCs to see how they were assembled and to make certain nothing was loosened during shipping. I was totally impressed with the setup of the PC. It was at least as good as any DELL PC that I have seen. I had no problems with getting it setup - just plugged in the accessories and hit the power switch. Everything worked great. The PC even had all of the latest drivers pre-installed. I would strongly recommend them, their computers and prices are outstanding.

Customer from Reseller

Your service in processing and sending my order was exemplary. My order was sent on Monday and I received it today, Wednesday, based on your standard 2 to 4 day shipping which is impressive. I also appreciated the Emails confirming my order and confirming shipment. I chose Monarch because of the ratings in and happily paid just a very few dollars more for peace of mind and what turned out to be better than expected results. My ordered pieces work perfectly and there will be some family members very happy to have their computers working again. Quoting a famous line, "I'll be back".

Sincerely, Robert Muran

I have been involved with hundreds of PC hardware parts orders over the years, and I recently had what I consider to be a very positive experience with Monarch Computer Systems, which built me a barebones box. It was built and tested, and then shipped promptly, at which time I received the tracking number via email. When I received the package (very well packed) and opened the system case, I was stunned at the quality of the work inside. I've been inside hundreds of cases over the years, but this was without a doubt the tidiest, "tightest" case I'd ever seen. Everything was very secure, and all cables were very neatly tied down well clear of any heat-producing components. Fantastic work! To top it all off, they were out of stock on the video card I ordered, but they were nice enough to include what I considered to be a generously upgraded card for no additional charge. Now that's service! I will certainly be ordering from Monarch again, and would encourage anyone considering doing so to order with confidence. The folks at Monarch were very friendly and responsive--my emails were answered literally within minutes. Trey is to be commended for his attention and concern for the customer. This is a quality-conscious company with skilled, conscientious system integration techs who care enough to take the time to do things right. The customer comes first at Monarch, and they clearly demonstrated to me their willingness to go the extra mile to satisfy the customer.

I had read such great reviews about Monarch Computers that I ordered parts for my new computer system from them on Friday. Saturday Afternoon I received a phone call from Sterling at Monarch Computer. He asked if the Voodoo5 video card and the Asus A7V Motherboard that I ordered were going to be used together. He then explained that the Voodoo5 was too long to work with the Asus A7V Motherboard, he then worked with me to substitute the motherboard for one that was compatible with the video card. Every other company that I have ever had dealings in the past would have shipped my order without question and then dealt with the problem after the fact. Monarch Computers has gone out of it's way to ensure good customer service. Monarch Computers have won my continued business and my recommendations to others.

Several weeks ago I ordered a P4 1.7 ghz with ASUS mootherboard, DVD drive, CD-RW drive, and GeForce 3 video card. I had intended to order a name-brand computer but my son-in-law, who installs software for a living, persuaded me to order a computer case and the separate parts. He said he would assemble them for me. He explained that this approach allows me to save several hundred dollars up front and, when upgrading, will give me a wide selection of the best hardware instead of having to rely on hardware proprietary to a single firm.

After searching the web for two weeks, I found that Monarch was a competitivelly priced supplier of hardware and, for only $40, would install it in the case for me. Moreover, I saved on shipping by not buying hardware from several different suppliers. Further, Monarch had good reviews at this site. I am glad that I spoke with the salesman at their 800 number because he answered several technical questions, thereby helping me order the correct hardware.

I received the computer only one week after ordering it online. My son-in-law was favorably impressed with the way Monarch had installed the parts. I have been using the computer for several weeks and it works fine. I was unable to buy their attractive service warranty because it is available only if they also install the operating system, which I chose to install myself.

Praise for your Tech Support Team

First of all let me give you my order #xxxxx and name, John Hall. I wanted to do that so that you can easily verify that what I am about to say is true. I bought my system back October of 2001. I asked for and received both a WinXP OS and a Plextor CD drive. Along with my system came the Roxio software package which I opened and installed. There was no warning of any kind that the software (Plextor Manager 2000, to be exact) would cause me any trouble...

At this point I called your Tech Support team and asked for help. The problem was, I'm sure, was made much more difficult by the fact that I know next nothing about DOS operations, or the installation of operating systems. Your staff where polite, curious, positive to a fault, and knowledgeable.

One gentleman in particular was nothing short of a saint. I called repeatedly throughout the day for three days in a row. I always asked for him by name. He stuck with me, and treated me with respect, even when I know things where getting frustrating. His name is Duane, and he is a credit to your company. My system is now up and running again and I am certain that without his help I would be smashing it to pieces with a ball pin hammer right about now. I will now go out of my way to encourage anyone I know to buy from your company, and I will also go to any consumer websites that I can find and give your company a shining review. The value and service you have provided me is truly remarkable. Thank you Monarchcomputer, your Tech team, and especially Duane.

John Hall

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