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So you want a new computer? - We make it Easy as 1-2-3!

If you're looking for a new PC, you've come to the right place! To make choosing your new, custom-made Monarch PC easy for you, we'd like to know what you have in mind.

Please check out 1, 2, and 3 below, and choose the criteria that best fits what's most important to you when choosing your new PC. Once you've decided on 1, 2, or 3, click on the link below it that best fits your needs.

1. You know what kind of platform you're looking for.
If you're a PC user who already knows the ins and outs of the various processors in the marketplace, and you've already made up your mind about what CPU you want at the heart of your system, choose an option below:
Choose your platform:

2. You know what kind of performance you want
OR what kind of money you want to spend.

Our system models are designed to balance price and performance, and let you decide which is most important to you. Whether you're on a budget and need to get the most PC for the least money, or whether money is no object as long as you get the best, we have a model for you. If price and performance are the main factors in your decision, choose an option below:
Choose your price/performance preference:

3. You know what type of machine you need.
You want a machine engineered for a specific purpose, to fill a niche in your life or work. Do you need a computer for your home? Maybe a workstation for your job? Perhaps you need a server to get your business up and running. Perhaps all you want to do is get into online gaming and start racking up the frags. If purpose is your primary concern when choosing a PC, choose an option below:
Choose your system type:

More Information:

What makes a system "Special"?

    You may notice some systems on our site say "Special" at the end of the name. System Specials are completely configured systems with a locked-in price. All the guesswork is taken out of choosing components, as Monarch has picked and tested the best components for each performance and price level. The pricing for our Specials is calculated using the cost of the included components in addition to our build fee. However, often the Specials will be cheaper than a Custom system with the same components because we can streamline the build process, and pass the savings on to our customers.

    If you find a System Special that is close, but not quite what you need, every one has a CUSTOMIZE link next to the system spec listing, and at the bottom of the system options, where you add your system to your shopping cart.

    Clicking this CUSTOMIZE link will take you to the "Custom" version of the "Special" you're currently viewing. All the pre-selected components in the special will automatically be selected for you on the "Custom" page. If you only want a little more memory or perhaps a larger capacity hard drive for example, you only have to modify those options in the configurator before adding the system to your cart. Change as many or as few options as you like to get your system just right. Priceing for custom systems is based on the price of your selected components and options, and our low build fee.

About our Icons:

    All of our systems also feature our revolutionary icon system. You'll see these icons at the top right of all our systems. They look like this:

    Home, Office, and Shool use     Video Editing Capability     Digital Music System     Gaming Capability     Content creation capability

    Each icon represents a possible use for your computer, and you can move your mouse over each icon to learn more about what it stands for. If the icon is blue, the PC you're currently viewing can be configured to fit that purpose. If the icon is gray, it means that the PC you're viewing is not the most appropriate for that use. Simply clicking any gray icon will take you to the appropriate system or group of systems that can accomplish the desired purpose. Your perfect PC is only ever one click away!

    Click Here for a full explanation of what each icon means.

Recommended Best Seller Monarch's "Recommended Best Seller" Systems:

    You may notice that some of our systems have a badge reading "Recommended Best Seller". These systems are recommended by our engineers and sales staff, as well as being some of our best-selling models as chosen by Monarch customers nation-wide. Unlike our one-of-a-kind custom models, we build hundreds of our "Recommended Best Seller" models, ensuring that they are as trouble-free and rock-solid as can be. If you're unsure about buying a computer, we make it easy to see what our other customers bought. Even easier than "1,2,3", Monarch's "Recommended Best Seller" Systems make it "Easy as 1"!

    Click Here for all of our "Recommended Best Seller" Systems.

If you have any questions at all about our systems, please Contact Us

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