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Section 508

What is Section 508?

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, commonly referred to as "Section 508," requires federal agencies to purchase electronic and information technology that is accessible to disabled individuals. Thus, with rare exceptions, federal government purchasers and buyers must buy Section 508 compliant desktop and portable computers.

Monarch Computer is committed to aiding its customers in purchasing goods that adhere to the accessibility standards set forth in Section 508. Accordingly, Monarch Computer has prepared a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template ("VPAT") for many of the computers manufactured by Monarch Computer. The format for these templates was developed in concert with the General Services Administration and is the industry standard for displaying information regarding accessibility for computers.

Which Monarch Systems have Section 508 documentation?

Look for this icon at the top of the system page: . If this icon is blue, the system has an available VPAT. Customers may access the VPAT for each accessible computer system by clicking the "Section 508 - VPAT" link appearing in the product description. Customers will also be emailed a link to the relevant VPAT when your order of a tested system ships.

If the icon is grayed out, like this: , the system you're browsing does NOT have Section 508 documentation available. However, by clicking on the grayed out icon, you will be taken to the most technologically comparable system with Section 508 documentation.

For your convenience, we've also included all of Monarch's systems with Section 508 documentation below.

Systems with Section 508 documentation:

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions. As always, Monarch Computer uses its best efforts to ensure that the information appearing on its web pages is accurate. However, all information is provided solely as a convenience for customers and should not be solely relied upon by the customer. The purchasing federal agency is ultimately responsible for compliance with Section 508 and must rely on its own resources to ensure compliance.

Q. Does Section 508 apply to servers?
A. No. Servers are "back office" equipment and therefore are exempt from accessibility requirements.

Q. Why does your VPAT mention software and operating systems?
A. Software and operating systems are one way that a computer system may meet requirements under Section 508. In many instances operating systems have features that help computer systems meet Section 508 requirements.

Q. How can I find out if an operating system or software is Section 508 compliant?
A. Many major software developers and companies have VPAT's for their products. Customers may access these VPAT's from their respective manufacturers.

Q. Does Section 508 apply to internal components?
A. Not typically. Section 508 is concerned solely with the adaptability of features used to operate electronic and information technology. Internal components such as memory, processors, cooling fans and hard drives are not subject to Section 508. Accordingly, Section 508 allows buyers considerable latitude in choosing the very components that have the greatest effect on the performance of a system.

Q. What do I do if there is no VPAT for the system/ configuration that I want?
A. Please contact Monarch Computer regarding specific configurations. Monarch Computer constantly updates its VPAT's to reflect its changing inventory and multiple possible configurations for its systems. Thus, a VPAT may already be in the works for your configuration. Alternatively, sales staff may be able to point you towards other suitable configurations that have supporting VPAT documentation.

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