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Video Card Selection Guide

This page provides information for the consumer to select the correct Video Card for the motherboard that they already have or about to purchase.

AGP 4x/8x

All cards currently available support AGP 8x or 4x motherboards. No cards are still being manufactured that will function in an AGP 1x or 2x slot. AGP slot motherboards following the AGP 4x/8x standard have been manufactured from 1999-2005. Popular common chipsets for motherboards include: Nvidia Nforce 1/2/3, Intel 845/850/865/875, VIA KT133/KT266/KT266A /KT333/KT400/KT400A/KT600/KT880.

Click Here for All AGP 8X Cards


This is the oldest standard, it is also compatible with almost every motherboard available currently. It is best not to select a PCI video card, unless this is the only choice that you have available. Some machines do not include an AGP or PCI-E slot. In this case this is the only option if you want to upgrade the video in your system past the onboard video that shipped with your computer.

Click Here for All PCI Cards


This is a newer standard, it is replacing the AGP interface. This is not to be confused with standard PCI or PCI-X; the two are not compatible. Motherboards supporting this standard started shipping mid 2004. Popular chipsets for PCI-E motherboards include: Nvidia Nforce 4/5, Intel 915/925, VIA K8T890, ATI 200/(P).

Click Here for All PCI-Express Cards

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