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Monarch's Exclusive SFF u-ATX Case features:
- Tool-less construction
- Enough room for a FULL SIZE AGP Video Card
- 3 PCI Slots
- Removable Motherboard Tray
- 2 Temperature Monitors
- Detachable Handle for easy mobility
- 2 internal 3.5", 1 external 3.5", 1 external 5.25"
- 4 USB (2.0/1.1) and Audio In/Out (Speakers/Headset,
   Microphone) on front
- Configurable with 800 FSB Intel or 400 FSB AMD
- Perfect for LAN parties & Clusters
- Dimensions WxHxD: 11" x 9" (9.5" w/feet) x 13"

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The Buzz is Growing...

If the Discovery Channel created a show called Monster PCs and devoted an episode to contestants building the hottest, meanest looking SFF boxes they could, the winning team might have unveiled something very much like Monarch's Hornet. It's not cute or even quiet. But this beast stings the competition into submission...

- William Van Winkle
CPU Magazine

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The Hornet has Intel P4 and AMD XP Complete Systems and Barebones options

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